Friday, December 16, 2011

Katy Perry Feat. B.o.B.- "The One That Got Away" (Remix Premiere)

Why ruin a perfectly good song? I honestly hope this doesn't reach number one on the Hot 100 on the back of this remix. A message to Katy's label? It's getting old and you're making her look desperate.


Anonymous said...

heh! now u say a perfect song.. dont u remember that u r the one who shout the loudest when she want to release this song as a single?

Anonymous said...

The remix rap w/ BOB doesn't fit the song! What the (BLEEP) where the record execs thinking?

Keven K

Anonymous said...

Remixes normally mean they change the beat as well not just some crap rap at that start same with TGIF remix what do you wanna bet they will RE release this album remixed