Thursday, November 17, 2011

The X Factor: Third Elimination

Bottom 2:
Astro & Stacy Francis

Stacy Francis

Astro was a bitter disrespectful little brat on tonight's elimination show, if it were up to me, I would have sent him home. Although I'm sure America will take care of that next week. Stacy also deserved to go home, after she was caught in all of her lies and still kept lying.


Philip/Atlanta,GA said...

Hmm. Astro needs to leave asap. I predicted Stacey and Leroy to be in the bottom as well.

What lies was Stacey caught up into? Fill me in please!

Gabe said...

She lied about her career prior to the X Factor. She said she never had a record deal, never recorded an album, never toured as a back-up singer to any artist, didn't have a job... but really, she did all of the above and she was caught. She still denies it, but there's proof of each and every lie.

C.B said...

Astro is just a kid, people need to chill. He obviously doesn't know how to deal with the pressure. I hope his mom is there with him.

Philip/Atlanta,GA said...

Thanks Gabe!

And concerning Astro, everyone can obviously see he's a kid. Perhaps he wasn't raised with a father-figure.

But the thing with him is he hasn't been discipline much as a child and his cockiness comes off disrespectful at times, which will not help in the votings. The kid has got talent, but keep that up and he'll be out in a week or two. No pity just because of age.

Anonymous said...

Well i hope they send astro home next week because he cant even sing or rap whatever he dpes..but he definently cant rap..