Sunday, January 29, 2012

Third Single From Kelly Clarkson's Stronger

According to some reports going around today, the third single from Kelly Clarkson's latest album Stronger will be the song "I Forgive You." Take a listen to it above. I like it.

Kelly is still currently at #1 on iTunes with her single "What Doesn't Kill You."


Anonymous said...

Nooo... I wanted "Dark Side" or "War is Over" :(

Anonymous said...

love ittttt but anyways id prefer dark side or you love me

David said...

"Dark Side" would make a horrible single! Sure all the fans would go crazy, but it doesn't have that radio-appeal and enough Kelly-vibe to be a huge smash for her like almost every other song on the album could do. I think "I Forgive You" is a fair choice. Hopefully another top ten for her, but I really think "You Can't Win" or "Let Me Down" would be a even wiser selection. And "The War is Over" would be a good fourth single, but I don't think she should release a ballad just yet because "Mr. Know It All" was kind of a mid-tempo, slow-jam.