Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lady Gaga- "Marry the Night" [Music Video]

I'm beyond disappointed with the video. This song is supposed to be about New York, yet, she spends half the actual music video in a damn dance studio! Yes, great choreography, but that's not what I expected from this video.

The only thing that I liked were the car scenes. I would have liked to actually see New York in the video. There's so much of this city that could have been shown that would have made a great video. What a let down.


Zach said...

Oh. My. GaGa.

This is the most bizarre music video I've ever seen, and not in a good, Bad Romance way. I, too, am really disappointed in the whole dance studio thing. The street scenes at the end and the car scenes were pretty good, but way too short compared to the dance studio. What a shame. GaGa has either lost her mind or I just am not evolved enough to get the point of this video. Wow. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

Stupid. So over her.

Anonymous said...

i actually didnt find it that disappointing. i liked it a little. We all know she is going to do something out of the ordinary so why is it always a shock to people when it's never cookie-cutter? She keeps people watching and thats exactly what she should do. Props to Lady Gaga! love the song.

Mz_Teri_Aki A.K.A Sue-She Lush-ious said...

i think its more about her career and the way she views her career as her way of life. i liked it. visually nice and interesting.

Anonymous said...

not what i thought it would be but i've kinda come to my own interpretation of it and it makes the video great. the song is about "marrying the night" and she said this is about giving your all and doing everything you can. So it's about her time in New York before she was famous. About her going through school, about her performing in night clubs, and about just how sick it made her cuz she was so committed. She gave her all and it literally made her sick. That explains the hospital what looks to take place in her school. The "hospital" is really her "school" filled with all these girls...all these girls that are doing just as she their all to performing arts so much so that it makes them sick.
Make sense? anyone agree?

C.B said...

I agree. It is her life. The cheerios part is when she was actually fucked up because of the drugs she was talking and she lost sight of her goal. The dance studio was probably real. At the end she gets a new record deal, and that's when she becomes gaga.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely loved it !! one of her best .
shes always pushing the limits
and not doing what u think shes gonna do .

i think its very innovative, very powerful and gives the song another interpretation other than just visuals for mtv.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS VIDEO! I would have to respectfully disagree with you Gabe. At first I was skeptical about a music video being 14 mins long but after watching it didn't seem that long.

The story at the beginning was engaging and the images and shots are nothing but sheer beauty. The is only partly about New York and that she's from it but as an aspiring filmmaker myself I would not have shown much of New York myself. Because how many videos out there has someone standing with Time Square in the back or how many people have a birds eye tracking shot of the over all city. All the places she chose to show (whether it is actually in New York or not) states that she started from the darker regions of the city that raised her. This song more represents the throwing away of your liberties to fulfill a dream/goal. Sure half the song is about her and New York but it's not a glamourous New York. Not like the one Alicia and Jay-Z sing about.

The only videos i don't like so far from her off this new album is Born This Way and The Edge of Glory. This is probably one of the better ones!

Topher said...

Amazing video. If you cant see it than that sucks for you. Its sad that you can't see how much effort GaGa put into this video. I for one am thankful its not a music video just about "New York". Just Sayin'