Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Voice - iTunes Downloads (Blind Auditions)

Download the songs from the first episode:
iTunes Downloads - Blind Auditions

Anyone see this last night? I hear this show is miles better than American Idol already. It also reached 12.2 million viewers during its second hour. The show alone improved the network's season average by 89%!

-Thanks to Mithoos-


Anonymous said...

I really liked it but I still much prefer American Idol.

Anonymous said...

The Voice is definitely better than American Idol!

grey74 said...

I was very impressed with the format of the show. I think it has the potential to be a show that is better than American Idol. One of the main things for me is that it cuts out all of the bullcrap singers they make you painfully listen to on idol. Sounds like they are going to get to the meat of the competition right away, instead of dragging you through over a month of auditions like idol does.

Anonymous said...