Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Britney Spears Live at Good Morning America

"Hold It Against Me"

"Till the World Ends"

"Big Fat Bass"


jujubee said...

yeah, she/they/whomever really did fuck up the whole "free concert" thing. it was supposed to be just out in the open in the castro , BUT last minute with NO announcement they made it so u had to get tickets through ticketmaster and of course ticketmaster the king of fees and charges charged $3.00 a ticket, BUT of course once most people actually found out that u had to get a ticket, all the tickets were gone b/c the lucky people who at the right moment checked their emails or whatever got tickets. so all the people who were planning on just showing up and going early but didn't get a ticket were screwed. and britney doesn't even fucking use her mic, so wtf? i mean gaga was all out in the rain.

jujubee said...

oh and another thing: way to show the diversity of the bay area abc; nothing but white people huh?