Wednesday, March 16, 2011

American Idol Top 12 [What They Performed]

Naima Adedapo- "What's Love Got to Do With It" (1984)
Paul McDonald- "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues" (1984)
Thia Megia- "Colors of the Wind" (1995)
James Durbin- "I'll Be There For You" (1989)
Hayley Reinhart- "I'm Your Baby Tonight" (1990)
Stefano Langone- "If You Don't Know Me By Now" (1989)
Pia Toscano- "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?" (1988)
Scotty McCreery- "Can I Trust You With My Heart?" (1993)
Karen Rodriguez- "Love Will Lead You Back" (1989)
Casey Abrams- "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (1991)
Lauren Alaina- "I'm The Only One" (1994)
Jacob Lusk- "Alone" (1987)

They couldn't find songs with shorter titles? Geez!

The Best Damn Blog Thinks:
Bottom 3
Naima Adedapo
Hayley Reinhart
Karen Rodriguez

-Let me say, Hayley doesn't deserve to be in the bottom 3, but she will be because her fanbase isn't strong enough. In her place should be Thia, who couldn't get any more boring if she tried! Casey was also terrible tonight... I just think there are some songs that should not be touched and he butchered Nirvana. But his past performances are strong enough to make people forgive him for that.

Best Performaces
Stefano Langone
Pia Toscano
James Durbin

Pia has been the best for the past two weeks, but tonight she takes the runner-up to Stefano. The dude killed it with the vocals! I think he's slowly inching his way into the top of the pack.


Phong (Atlanta,GA) said...

All right, second week and I will predict the top 3.

1. Pia Toscano
2. James Dubin
3. Paul McDonald (cause I love his voice. one of the best in the bunch)

Anonymous said...

I agree! Haley shouldn't be in the bottom. Her voice is so different and I just hope she starts picking the right songs!! Hopefully she makes is through this week! Definitely the weakest were KAren, Naima, and Thia!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love Haley i really hope she doesnt go home this week her voice is so different.


grey74 said...

For me I think Jacob Lusk is in his own category by himself. I also think Scotty is pretty hard to beat as well.

Rating them this week:

solid performances
1. Jacob ..see above
2. Scotty....see above
3. Pia...consistent powerful voice
4. Stefano...becoming a dark horse, this years Dewyze
5. James....he bugs me, but I admit this was his best job to date
6. Haley...I love her voice, and her versatility, tonight she once again didn't get the love she deserves

Average performances
7. Paul mcdoanld...I really like him, but he took a step back
8. Thia Mgia....pretty sleepy for a 15 year old girl, looked old for her age
9. Casey Abrahms...dont do Nirvana again
10. Lauren Allaina a very pedestrian karaoke performance

Terrible performances
11. Karen Rodriguez...sleepy, and enough with the spanglish. Either sing it all English or all Hispanic
12. Naima- A hot mess, Steven Tyler is the only reason she is still in the game

I had Karen, Naima, and Paul in the bottom 3 with Naima going home. I was wrong