Wednesday, March 23, 2011

American Idol Top 11 [What They Performed]

Week's Theme:

Casey Abrams - "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"
Thia Megia- "Heat Wave"
Jacob Lusk- "You're All I Need to Get By"
Lauren Alaina- "You Keep Me Hangin' On"
Stefano Langone- "Hello"
Haley Reinhart- "You've Really Got a Hold On Me"
Scotty McCreery- "For Once in My Life"
Pia Toscano- "All In Love is Fair"
Paul McDonald- "The Tracks of My Tears"
Naima Adedapo- "Dancing in the Street"
James Durbin- "

The Best Damn Blog Thinks:

Bottom 3
I honestly have no idea.

None of the contestants were really bad tonight, they were all okay, none of them were great either. To me, all eleven of them were pretty equal... which makes it hard for me to predict a bottom 3. It's all going to come down to who has the most fans this week.


grey74 said...

1. Jacob Lusk- What more needs to be said. Tonights performance was the single best performance ever placed on an idol stage. You knew Motown would be perfect for him

2. Scotty- The guy has great voice, and sure showed America that he can sing other genres tonight

3. Haley- What more can I say, she found her pocket tonight, and that bluesy smoky vibe really came through. I absolutely loved it

4. Stefano- Nailed that Richie song effortlessly. Love that voice.

5. James Durbin- A solid performance. Better than expected, I still am not a fan

6. Pia- took a step back for me this week. Still love her vocals, but she needs to step out of the box for once. Ballad every week. This was a chance to do something different

7. Paul Mcdonald- Moved back into contention for me this week. Spot on performance

8. Naima- Probably took the biggest leap for me of the week. I had consistently said she doesn't belong in this show, but tonight she just might have bought some more time.

9.Lauren- Another very karaoke like performance

10. Thia- again she has a good voice, but has a hard time translating that on stage

11. Casey- Wow this guy has dropped far and fast. After last weeks abortion with Nirvana, and now what he did to Marvin Gaye is a travesty to the ears. I liked this guy early on, but to me it just sounding like he has quit competing .

Bottom 3

Casey, Thia, Lauren
Casye goes home

Gabe said...

Casey and Lauren in the bottom 3? No way! Sure, they haven't stood out yet... but they have made a hell of a lot of fans since the beginning.

If I was forced to pick a bottom 3, I would say i was between:

Thia, Naima and Stefano.

Anonymous said...

I have a strange feeling Haley will meet the Bottom 3 again, fanbase just isnt there. But she deserves not to be

I loved her tonight

Anonymous said...

Thia, Haley, and Naima will be bottom 3 ... Possibly Stefano.

Haley shouldn't be eliminated but probably will. I hope in wrong.

Enrique said...

Stefano has proven to everyone he can sing, and has gain lots of fans, but they all did a great job last nite and like Gabe said it's going to come down to who has the most fans, I say the bottom 3 would be Haley, Naima and Casey

The reason why i picked Haley and Naima was bcause they've already been in the bottom 3 and Casey was lacking somthing in his performance, I don't know what it was but it was certainly not his best